Is Lifespan Predetermined? Insight From 16th Century Doctor

Lifespan is surely influenced by fate (i.e. good genetics), so what’s the point of living in a clean environment and practicing healthy life habits?

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What book are we reading today?

The source is called Orthodox Transmission of Medicine written in 1515CE by this doctor from Ming dynasty (I was unable to find information about him in English, so if anyone has further insight on him, please share with us!). He lived from 1438 to 1517, so this text was written just a couple years before his death.

Translation of the text:

Lifespan of each human
Is destined and allotted by heavenly will
The heavenly will refers to
The primal energy given by heavens, the Earth, and parents
Father acts as heavens 
Mother acts as the Earth 

It makes sense that our predetermined lifespan refers to this “source” energy that we inherit from our parents, but why from heavens and the Earth? Is it merely the symbolism for heavenly father and mother nature?

Eastern medicine’s belief in human beings receiving the heavenly and earthly energy suggests heavens and the Earth have their own “genetic” material that we inherit (after all, we are the microcosm!).

Because we resemble the cosmos, we are all made from the same energy that created the universe, which then separated into “ten thousand things.”

The Essence of father and blood of mother 
Can be prosperous or weak and are not the same for all
Hence human lifespan is different individually

When it comes to human conception, Essence is an important substance for men while blood is for women according to Eastern medicine.

Essence is comparable to all genetic expressions that manifest physically.

It’s more than DNA, however, when it comes to Essence.

Essence also includes the transmitter of genetic information to the embryo:

Sperm has the info on our lifespan

In fact, a study from 2021 identifies non-DNA mechanism involved in transmitting “paternal experience” to offspring via information stored in sperm proteins.

The reason why mother’s blood is important for the embryo is straightforward:

The blood circulation that occurs via the placenta that transports oxygen and nutrients to the developing human being.

The quality of paternal Essence and maternal blood, as well as the cosmic energy received all make up the heavenly will that is our “given” lifespan.

Newborns who received prosperous energy from their parents
Are given above average lifespan
Newborns who received weak energy from their parents, 

If they are able to be protected and nourished,
Are merely given a below average lifespan;
If not, most of them die young
不然, 多夭折 

If external wind, cold, heat, and dampness invade
Or starvation, overeating, or overworking damage internally,
How can one fully live out the primal energy that was bestowed?


No matter how immaculate my parent’s energies were,

No matter how sublime the universal force that inspired my creation,

If I consistently put myself in an extreme weather condition,

If I recklessly eat (or starve) while stressfully churning out this blog,

I wouldn’t be able to tap into the full potential of the heavenly will.

This just put a lot of things into perspective.

What do you think about this doctor’s take on lifespan?

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