Creation of Universe & Its Meaning on Health

The creation of universe helps us see the origin of illness.
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Universe-health connection? Is this the microcosm-macrocosm analogy you’ve been hearing about?

It sure is.

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Creation of universe, according to theory from Book of Changes

The quote analyzed in this post comes from the text called 周易乾凿度, which describes how the cosmos was created.

“周易” literally means Zhou Yi (The ORIGINAL Book of Changes from Zhou Dynasty) and “乾凿度” literally means heavenly chisel measurement.

This is not the actual I Ching/Zhou Yi text. From my understanding, the text was used during Western Han dynasty, which succeeded Zhou dynatsy.

The Western Han royals used the text to study Yi, which literally means changes.

The changes refer to transformation of hexagrams obtained from divination (I Ching)

This method of “consulting the oracle” was how the East Asian dynasties tried to foresee future events. If they were making a decision on going to war, the divination would have been a necessary process.

乾 is the first of the eight trigrams, or 64 hexagrams. Keep in mind that the eight trigrams precede the 64 hexagrams of changes.

This map of the eight trigrams (Bagua) shows the creation of all things in the cosmos
This map of the eight trigrams (Bagua) shows the creation of all things in the cosmos

As we all know, the cosmos is constantly changing. And these trigrams have been used for thousands of years as symbols for comprehending the purpose and process of the change so that we can participate in it consciously.

The principle of Yin Yang is incorporated into these trigrams and the 64 hexagrams.

The three solid lines on the top is the first trigram 乾, which represents the sky.

Solid line represents YANG, and the broken lines represent YIN. Thus, 乾 is the most yang of all trigrams. Yang represents the creative endeavor and 乾 is compared to a father of the household.

What about the trigram directly opposite to 乾? It is 坤, which is the most yin of all trigrams. Yin represents the nurturing force that receives the energy from the universe. 坤 is compared to a mother of the household.

This is the very basic we would need to know before reading the quote below. Would you like me to explain more of the trigrams in detail? Please comment and share your thoughts.

The image of heavens comes from 乾

Manifesting as: 
Supreme change
Supreme inception
Supreme beginning
Supreme basis

The supreme change is when energy is not yet manifested.

The supreme inception is when energy starts to form.

The supreme beginning is when form begins to take shape.

The supreme basis is when matter starts to form.

After form and energy are complete, defects can appear

Defects mean suffering

Suffering means illness

This is how illness originates

Human life is from supreme change 

Illness is from supreme basis

Here are illustrations that best visualize supreme change (1), supreme inception (2), supreme beginning (3), and supreme basis (4)
Here are illustrations that best visualize supreme change (1), supreme inception (2), supreme beginning (3), and supreme basis (4)

(1) Supreme change is like number 0. It’s an empty basis for existence. And there’s stillness to it. Supreme change has no change, is neither created nor destroyed, is absolute, infinite, and in a constant state where time and space doesn’t exist. It’s serving as a background for existence to take place.

(2) There is an existence of energy in supreme inception, but it’s extremely miniscule. Comparable to vacuum. It looks like an atom in the picture but actually this should be a subatomic particle (like protons, neutrons, or photons) that exhibits wave-particle duality.

(3) The supreme beginning would have multiple particles as well as the interaction between them. We are seeing existence taking its form powered by energy. What will it become?

(4) The supreme basis contains matter. The particles have been grouped into multiple atoms. The union of energy and form results in the potential to create all things in the universe… and this is the symbol represented by:

Supreme ultimate (Taiji) aka Supreme potential!
Supreme ultimate (太極) aka Supreme potential!

Creation of Universe and Our Health

The best way I can put it is: human life is the foundation on which changes occur, and illnesses represent one of many changes we experience. Does that mean we MUST deal with being sick as a requisite of living life?

According to this text, the answer would be no. Illness does not precede the formation of energy and structure. Illness is derived from matter (i.e. substance).

Western Han scholars would agree that:

  1. Energy and form, as they are created, are flawless and in order
  2. Physical world is imperfect, but broken down to its essential components it follows the cosmic order

Disorders are not inherent to human existence as long as our energy and form are vibrating and functioning in an orderly manner.

To best sum it up, all the answers are within and we need to be aware of our foundation!

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